RA Healthcare- USA is a department that was put in place by the Remember Africa Group of Scientists/Researchers who understood that the RA working family will not really do their expected jobs without being in good health. With this in mind, they understood that " all that mankind needs for good health and healing is provided in nature.....the challenges of nature is to find it" If African-Americans are able to trace their origins in Africa today through the DNA analysis, it is thanks to the great support from Organizations like RA that were able to work together with people like Prof. Luke Gate in order to come up with such.

RA Worked so Hard with President Barack OBAMA on the first ever Healthcare Bill which was finally passed in the US Congress after lots of difficulties and obstacles. RA being a US 501c3 Organization is also respecting this Healthcare Policy of the First ever African-American President into the White House.


RA Team of Researchers called Remember Africa Healing Healthcare Laboratory Research Group (RA-2H.L.R.G) in their deep search for efficient healing from Nature has come up with four very powerful drugs for now:

1) Metabolic Immune System Formula
This Medication in Summary boosts the Immune system hereby empowering the defense mechanism of the human body in producing many more White Blood Cells that will fight invading microbes and producing rapid healing for good health.

2) The REMAKER "Reversing the irreversible"This powerful medication produced from natural products, has the medical properties of repairing, remaking, rebuilding or restoring destroyed or damaged cells, tissues, organs and the system resulting from medical disease conditions. Seek our Wellness Solutions Through Nature. Natural Remedies that Work Hamoniously within our Bodies

3) The Remaker Liquid Care
Unlike Remaker "Reversing the irreversible" The Remaker Liquid Care does heal both internal and External surfaces. It is able of rebuilding damaged external cells up to reproducing new skin cells while the old dead cells fall off and the whole affected area become rejuvenated

4) Immune Enriched