August 9th, 1999

Honorable Senator Trent Lott, Chairman
United State Senate, Washington Dc.

Re: senate position on current Africa trade legislation

Dear Honorable Senator Lott:

First, I would like to thank you for your conscientious work in reaching the position where you are today: US Senator – one of the Government Upper Legislators on whom our lives, development and progress sometimes depend. You are definitely the greatest leaders of this world. The ones that God and ourselves have chosen to make the greatest decisions in today’s world.

Understanding that you are also a human being with a great sense of integrity and sensibility, we pray God in whom we all trust, to provide you with Grace, Courage, Wisdom and Compassion to sign and pass the current Africa Trade Legislation to the mutual benefit of USA-Africa-World at this begining of the New Millenium.

By signing this Legislation Your Honor, you are helping to accomplish the greatest mission started a century ago, by our Great Great Grand Father President Abraham Lincoln and other great Men and Women of this century. You will not only free Africa and its people, but you will Restore, Heal and Improve the quality of life of its children in particular, moreover, we will continue to address circumstances of those less fortunate by accepting that their lives truly depend on us.

By signing this bill, you are triumphing over wars, poverty, illiteracy, misery, disease, illegal immigration, terrorism, crime, parasitism, etc…

An educated Africa means a much stronger economy for Africa and the entire world. As senator, you will bring Africa to face the challenge of better governments, which means moving from instability, disorder, war and disrespect which are less and less handled properly by elitist leadership, to a formal and well respected democracy through the power of the people.

Africans must face the challenge of a global economy, global integration through a Global Educational System at all levels. Your Honor, this could only be accomplished with your wisdom and compassionate heart. You will bring African Nations to move from the economy of consumption to a sustained and well structured economy in a modern way in order to profit from the opportunities of the world global market and certain International Agreements such as the GATT, CC/ACP, International Education Exchange Programs, etc…

By signing this bill, you are lending your heart and hand to children, youth, women and men of Africa to recognize the importance of a Sound and Formal Education and Peaceful Life. You are encouraging and inspiring the Africans wherever they are.


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