A United World… A Better Life

Martin Luther King Jr.

The dream of a united multicolored society
Where people have reached a certain level of maturity
A society void of racial barriers
Where mankind would be more useful to others

A universe which inspires more tolerance
And whose extremism will bright thanks to its absence
There, is the fight led to martyr
By those who about a fair world care,

Who got the vision of a world without discrimination?
For a humanity against segregation
Exactly fifty years have passed away
Time will pass but history will remain

Have the dream of the era been accomplished?
Is the promise land significantly reached?
An extremist sect dies while others emerge
An opportunity is offered to give hope

Others are created to establish divisions
An apparent absence of racism
Which hides a vicious extremism?
A lugubrious organization born to bore

President Nelson Mandela

An unpredictable machine to destroy
All the brilliant minorities who blossom
All the colored people who explode, full of wisdom
Why feed and develop such a fear?

Against those minorities and colored people
Has natural diversity ever existed before?
Who doesn’t go to raptures before flowers and birds?
Isn’t appetite better aroused before a culinary diversity?

Shouldn’t mankind really contribute in a wise way
To this cured millennium nature? What a splendor!
Why such deep-seated hatred
Face to racial, tribal and ethnic multitude?

Accepting others doesn’t mean denying ourselves
Admitting other’s value can’t be tempestuous relationship
For whom by pass useless reactionary complex
Who genially masters how to wrap talents for success

It’s not a matter of skin color, gender or pigmentation
Even though the reality has created a lot of frustrations
All knowing that there’s no blue, white human heart
Neither a red nor black brain with a female or male mark.

No green or yellow blood liquid for the moment exist
If Jesus isn’t the way they present his picture
How many can stick with him as follower
Who to stand for him until the end?

United color nations much powerful
Remain winners of most Worlds’ tournaments.
Imagine our world with a single team
Against destructive spirits

Would we have any discrimination?
Wouldn’t we be looking only for values?
To strongly fight against evil, terror
Why then taking offense at people in their color?

If criminals consciousness are flustered
Then a sincere Mea Culpa is needed

For those red sins like crimson
To be purified with spiritual hyssop

Today’s phenomena all linked to such spirits are:
The ozone layer, the global warming,
The melting down of glacier, air pollution
The frequent earthquakes as well as tsunamis
Are all in one result of human’s hatred

The destruction of forestry species
The draining of water ways and rivers
The sea’s water increasingly over floating
Even Cancer and other terminal diseases

The galloping morale decadence
The human values more and are more decadent
Today all these destructive phenomena issues

Are real enemies to bring the rich diversity to be united?

If the aim is to perpetrate hegemony
In a world of hatred which is ended
Therefore, it would sink into oblivion
Where all the forfeits will be deducted

Hatred, the sole seed sown only

Produces the awful death in abundance
Hatred, shown at the highest level with jealousy
In many places extremism seems to excel speedily

Is it the only way civilization reaches
Her peak so that it should go till the end?

Why have you disappeared, LOVE?

Egoism has become the world king ruler
Transforming Humans incapable to LOVE?
The perfect link capable to get us all united

How could we conceive a world without LOVE
A cold world became foul, vile, and violent
For humans have dominated others to their own interest.

Leading a rough war against prejudice

Reinforces our LOVE for a united world
No need of Hatred and jealousy but kindness
To fight and wage war in human silliness

Here comes something marvelous
A fair, well-adjusted and happy world
A peaceful united colored Universe


For Remember Africa Inc. Joe Douxon
 All copyrights reserved ©

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