Honorable Dr. Caroline Hoth re-elected RA President/CEO.

Mrs. President/CEO Hon. Dr. Caroline Hoth

Your re-election in office is the sign that RA Board and the World at large highly appreciates your leadership. The African Representation wishes to hereby convey its warmest congratulations for this well-deserved victory in your re-election as RA President/CEO.

Mrs. President, your previous terms did mean « Change and Love » for many Peoples around the Planet, and as concerns our Representation, we welcome and appreciate your recent developments in Cash dividends payments e.g India/Asia for RA-ICC/Cash Dividends etc, RA-Capitol Hill Invitation USA, IMF/WBG honor, World Community Funding Summit/Industrialization, Hi-Tech 5G Telecoms in progress, exchanges with world leaders like the British PM Theresa May for Farmers in the under-developed world, President Obama, President Trump; just to name a few.

You have always impressed us with your clear vision and ability to get the job done against all opposing forces. You have been an all time century example.

We are confident that your influence will continue to encourage our proud involvement in RA and its programs. At this time, we are supporting a lot because your teachings continue to duel in us.

I take this moment to thank RA Board Members under the great advise of the Chairman Dr. Monroe Yale Mann for this confidence in re-electing you to continue with your good deeds.

I wish you the best in this new term of office.


Where There Is No Vision, The People Perish


Elvis N.

RA African Representation


RA World Community Funding Summit 2015

RA World Community Funding Summit 2015

RA World Community Funding Summit 2015. After taking over office as President/CEO of RA Inc., Dr. Caroline Hoth’s very first major move was to work for the enactment



of the AGOA Bill which was eventually tabled in Congress and then voted under the US Presidency of H.E Bill CLINTON and First Lady

Hillary CLINTON. The African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) that saw the light of day on the 18th of May 2000 thus

ushering in a new lease of life in Americano-African Economic Relations on a win/win basis.

Our Objective

Our main objective is to provide, generate and develop means that bring durable development to the needy in Afro-American communities as well as minority groups in America and Africa through tax exemption exchanges, Initial Investments, Industrialization, Savings/Credit and more.


The Vision becomes more feasible today with the implantation of the African Head Office of Remember Africa Inc. in Cameroon through the foresightedness and determination of its President and Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Caroline HOTH. Cameroon, rightly considered as Africa in Miniature in terms of Human, Material and natural endeavors, will serve as a veritable springboard for the fulfillment of the AGOA vision…

Successes have been registered already in many places with the lunching of the RA World Community Funding Summit Summit in 2015 in Africa, USA and other representations around the world. These Summits saw the light of day with many projects coming in for RA Financing

RA-AGOA Funding Policy

Like any other thing, RA provide Funding Equal Opportunity Eligible Policy that must be respected by anyone who becomes interested in RA-AGOA/Industrialization Opportunities. Download the RA Community Funding Policy .

More About RA-AGOA Funding

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Honorable Dr. Hoth towards Success of AGOA