Cry For Madiba

Cry For Madiba

H.E Nelson Mandela

He is gone
Through the mankind way
Where the earth converged
Death that takes everybody
Where is your spur?
You damage so many lives
How many value people you swallowed
Enemy of Human being: Death

Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela is gone
What he did is going with him
A hard combat of life
A fight rendered for life
A strong fight for freedom
Got it with his compatriots
Then a disease which killed
The valiant hero of social justice

For A fair rest that deserves
The almost centenarian
Courageous icon the world had
A resilient Man attached to his aims.
This is a lesson of faithfulness:
Be faithful and accomplish his ideas
To make choice and hang on it
To stay upright even though you must suffer

To know how to fight without hatred
How to forgive without regrets and pains
Void of neither revenge nor hypocrisy
By emptying the pain suffered

You run away from things they follow you
You follow greedily things they fly away from you

To know how to be satisfied of power
By quitting it earlier and sit
Beside without hankering
Nor regretting it

To love people wherever they come from
And to appreciate life is something good
To humble yourself and be elevated
To generously think about others.

Who conceives life without suffering,
Dedicates himself to an ungrateful existence.
You want to become a Man
Be prepared to go through the fire.

When the sickness is sufficiently sick
Then will be unable to attack the valid
When the old age will be too old
And the adult rejuvenating,

When you, Death will die and buried
Then for eternity every flesh will stay alive
Thus life will be sweet for all
And God will be God for all.

For Remember Africa Inc. Joe Douxon.
 All copyrights reserved ©

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