To you who was sold
The cruelest setback
The root removed from its soil
You who were taken away from your mother
To a faraway distance
To an unknown destination
And today here I am,
Watching the tears running down cheeks

Never been there when you went through pains
Even in your struggle overseas
Now you know I betrayed you

From the depth of my heart I’m sorry! Please forgive me
I’m traumatized, really I’m sorry

I’m bleeding dry on my native land
I can still perceive the echo of your cry
Coming from the forest, and that troubles my mind
I now know the price of you leaving involuntarily

Yes, I traded you for nothing
I lusted after something that was empty
Now I am at the crossroad
Unable to move
And I say it to you today

I did not trade you out of my own wish
Nor did I betray you out of my own wish
Instead I did it to save ourselves
Now you understand the kind of pot
Which you and I would have been cooked in

If I did not trade you
Anyone who resisted them was eliminated
And his descendants too, exterminated
Remember I had just my arrow
It was better your sister left

One root going, another being left
Because the whole world had become oppressive
You’re now to me like Joseph in the bible
During this critical moment

Now dry your tears and come back home
It’s true an oppressor lived in me
But now thank God it seems to fear you
Come and take possession of the yard, kitchen and living room
Come so that we both learn from each other

I am no longer the one who betrayed you
I will never trade you again for that which has no value
Come so that together we can enjoy the good things left
Let’s leave our past behind us
May we always learn from lessons
Like Joseph forgave

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For Remember Africa Inc. Joe D. All copyrights reserved ©

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