Our Mission

Promotes and Supports Education, Health, Hi-Tech, AGOA etc

More than one billion people today in the world still live in extreme poverty. Reducing world poverty and promoting growth and development in poor countries are among the major challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. Bringing about this change has never been more urgent or more prominent in public discourse on international relations, or in the priorities of graduate students considering their future careers. It is for this reason RA has opened diverse programs on all domains of life to combat poverty.

Remember Africa is a US-501C3 Non-Governmental Humanitarian Organization with objectives to PROMOTE and SUPPORT Education, Health, Hi-Tech Telecom, Agriculture/AGOA/Industrialization and many other sectors around the world.

1) Provide and generate means to better reach and educate those in need in the African-American and other minority Communities, the Caribbeans, Europe, Asia and African continents in partnership with the UN, Governments, Individuals, Corporations, and other Associations / NGOs.

2) Develop International Exchanges and services through Legislations and Opportunity Act e.g AGOA and more. Stand for Education, healthcare, Social Justice, Hi-Tech Telecoms Investments, AGOA and Peace around the World

3) Train and provide everlasting jobs to the underprivilged at no cost or fee through RA Free Professional Training organized in all Representations around the world. During this training, our members learn Life Ethics, Hi-Tech Telecoms, Industrialization, health, Arts and Culture, and more…

4) To bring up children in a more professional way at an early age so that they grow up with a more industrialized mind. This has been changing lives in many of our Representations around the world.

To Register, Download the Forms below, fill out all required information, attach and resend to the addresses info@rememberafrica.us and necom.hitech@yahoo.com.

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Where There Is No Vision, The People Perish

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