The Right Choices are the Fundamental Ideology in which REMEMBER AFRICA stands for through its Youth Empowerment and Educational Programs.

It’s really hard to say which choice is right or not. But the goal you set to yourself and how you achieve it, is the one that is going to determine whether your choice is right or not. The right choices might look like the most complicated ones, because they could be extremely demanding.

But actually, right choices are really just simple things we supposed to deal with in a daily basis as humans.  In fact, they are part of our normal and regular life (saying a friendly hello with a little smile on your face can change one’s life or day, talking to someone…). The choices we make are indeed what determine who we truly are.


Value your Life. No matter what, LIVE. Always choose Life over Death. Knowing that God has lived more for your sake and the sake of others than any being on earth. So, please LIVE. Live for the sake of others if you cannot do that for yourself. There’s always someone/something out there that needs you. Keep hope and Faith that NOTHING is worth than your life. Create a goal. Have a principle or find that thing or someone that supposed to help you achieve your goal, and live for it.

Joseph Conrad, one of the greatest writer of the 20th century shapes up a character of his own, Marlow in HEART OF DARKNESS; a Novel talking about a tough journey in the African Continent identical to the great journey of life in the jungle of New York.  Marlow, during his journey in the heart of Africa, found out that to overcome hard times and tribulations a moral Man needs Principles, Courage, Love and Perseverance.  Yes, One needs something to hold on to; something that can encourage him to achieve the goals of his life; something powerful and much stronger than him.
That something can be Love, Education, Passion, Career Achievement, Sports, Friend, Family or most importantly God. When we fight for a cause with passion and commitment, we always win and survive. Because body, soul and spirit are attached to that cause which is our principle.

For some young people life is waking up to another day of responsibilities, physical or emotional problems, family or financial burdens. For others, it could be addressing to the public; coping without drugs, alcohol, pills or cigarettes; Looking for a new job, building up a new business and staying in school. For every one of us, Life means finding the spiritual and mental determination to discomfort. You must survive and persevere despite all the difficulties and danger on your way.  However, you can’t benefit from great expectations of life, its goodness, and experiences, if you do not stay alive to enjoy and appreciate who you are.

Believe that “You can do all things in Him who strengthens you” Philippians 4:13  Be joyful, compassionate, share grieve with someone who feels lost or who had lost so much. Try to create harmony around you. Be good to your family and become a model and an inspiration for others to follow.

Develop friendship where ever you go. Respect all people you get in contact with. Treat them as you wish to be treated. Be real and honest.  Have Good Attitude, as it’s every thing today.  Create happiness instead of misery or pity for yourself. Learn how to communicate on different issues and negotiate any problems (even with God or your parents). You will be surprised to see how things can be reshaped.  Apologize for your mistakes – And stand up to be counted even if you stand-alone. Take a leap of Faith and Trust a divine hand to uphold you NO MATTER WHAT.  Generate a sense of Integrity, as it will provide you with more qualifications and   responsibilities. Give a helpful hand to your neighbor or even to a total stranger. BE YOU and BE GOOD…


Choose Peace and Love over violence, war and Hatred.  Peace and Love have been left to us by J.C as a legacy to fulfill the scriptures.  And Yet, they are still primary questions that humankind is facing from one generations to another.  We all can live in happiness and harmony, if we choose Love over Hatred, resulting to Peace over Violence. It’s important to learn to love one another, including our enemy. That would be the ultimate Love, the one that will turn the world upside down.  “Because no one can criticize or condemn such Love” Say Rev. Moon in ALC Readings. (I was very happy recently to participate in the Peace agreement between the Ethiopians and Eritrea’s, DRC and Rebels…). Nothing can bring people together than these two divine values. And you must cherish them.


In all times Wisdom, Intelligence and Education have been the sources of mystery of God’s Creation and Kings’ Success in running their kingdoms. Today, that concept has not changed and will ever change. Wisdom & Intelligence are part of God’s Creation. You should pray that they should be part of you. They have been the invaluable foundation of the greatest kingdoms of King David, his son Salomon and all great men and women.

When King Salomon was compelled to take over his father King David, He thought he was too young, but he knew he has to make some choices. Because being too young would not exempt you from serving God through the people. He called upon God and asked for Wisdom,  Intelligence and Education on the right and wrong. His choices were so good and powerful that they moved God and brought The Heavenly Father to provide him with ALL attachments linked to his request.

And He became not only the wisest man, but also the richest and sharpest King the World’s ever known. Education and the search of Wisdom & Intelligence are a continued process of learning every single day through every person or experience we encounter in life.  Listen to difficult answers; ask unpopular questions; attend seminary and conferences are part of that process.

Together in Partnership and Collaboration, we can help our young people to make the right choices, right decisions with no prejudice or premature conclusions…But understanding that forgiveness, tolerance and third chances will help and avoid damaging circumstances. This partnership will not only restore our past and present, but also will contribute to build a better legacy for the New Millennium. NONE of us can succeed without making mistakes.  However, the mistakes will be less repeated when we have guidelines and guardian angels like you. We should always remember to leave this World better than you and I have found it.


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