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Dr. Caroline Hoth, The BORDERLESS LADY;  RESEARCHER,  INVENTOR, FOUNDER, PIONEER, PERMANENT PRESIDENT  & CEO OF REMEMBER AFRICA INTERNATIONAL INC/ R A –NECOM 5 G USA   R A –HEALTHCARE – USA ; R A-SOLAR-ELITE USA ;  (A US 501C3  INT’L  N. G. O.), New York, www.ra-necom.com,  www.ssplendor.com, www.rememberafrica.us 

Country: United States of America (USA) https://www.facebook.com/caroline.hoth/about?pnref=lhc

Ladies & Gentlemen, I Offer You: Dr. Caroline Hoth, Hi-Technology – Telecoms Researcher & Humanitarian Worker PIONEER, FOUNDER, RESEARCHER,  PRESIDENT, CEO/Managing -Executive Director, International US Solar Energy & Ssplendor Corporations, Los Angeles,  Port Chester, New York, WORLD’’ Tribute, Board Memberships, Affiliations, Handball, Board Member, Director, Remember Africa International, USA Council of Churches, NECOM, RA-NECOM 4-5G RESEARCH TEAM, BRONX BOROUGH, NY, PRESIDENT FERNANDO FERRER, PROCLAMATION, Blessed by Your Holiness John Paul II during his US Visit in Westchester County-New York, Dr. Caroline Hoth has been recognized by The British Royal Queen Elisabeth II, and recently The British Prime Minister Theresa May with a Powerful Letter on BREXIT Farmers Defense with her Fair-trade Association’s Friends and Partners-  Share Same London Heart Of Africa Award with Honorable Prince Harry, Honorable President Obasandjo, and other Celebrities & Billionaires, Dr. Hoth has been Selected, Nominated and Won  most  numerous  Worldwide Humanitarian Awards Category up from Gold, Diamond to Platinum Awards. Last Winning Award was just last June, 2017: The Port Chester New York-Westchester County 2017 Award for BEST HUMANITARIAN-NON-PROFIT Category For WWW. REMEMBERAFRICA.US, US 501C3, Int’l Humanitarian NGO. Awards of Best Ssplendor-Skincare-Cosmetics and Perfumes Products, Corporation…, A Skincare, Cosmetics Line, PhD-Doctorate Biochemistry, Economy, International Religious Groups, American Leadership Conference, Leaves, Pantheon, Sorbonne, Paris I Associations., Exchanged Students Council, Harvard-Boston Uni, Students Associations, Certifications, RA-AGOA-USA LEGISLATION, WHITE HOUSE PROCLAMATION,  HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES & US CONGRESS, WORLD BANK & IMF, US WHITE HOUSE PRESIDENTS(POTUS). BILL CLINTON, W. BUSH, Barack OBAMA, DONALD TRUMP, HILLARY CLINTON, Westchester Journal, White House News, DIASPORA Magazine, New York Times, Daily News, Penny Saver, Amina Magazine, Mutations Press, Poetry,  AGOA Legislation with President Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and their Administration between 1998 to 2000. Highlighted Dr.  Hoth’s on the front page of many Journals, Press, Magazines and Medias as DIASPORA Magazine, New York Times, Daily News, Penny Saver, CNN, NBC,  ABC,, Amina Magazine,   Poetry, Hi-Tech, Telecoms 4G-5G LICENSES SPEEDIEST INTERNET   TELECOMS FOR WORLDWIDE COMMUNITIES’ SERVICES,  JOBS & PRODUCTS FOR BETTER LIFE FOR ALL & YOUTH!  

  Dr.  Hoth is equally an active member of USA Council of Churches, member of International Religious Groups and American Leadership Conference. After earning Doctorates in Biochemistry, International Economic-Law & Sciences of management through Exchanged Students Council Programs from Harvard-Boston Universities to Pantheon-Sorbonne Paris I University, Dr. Caroline Hoth devoted her years of lifetime to economically develop and improve Humans’ lives throughout the World; to outreach efforts to love . That outreach became omnipresent as it grows to global proportions: from local, regional, continental, and international initiatives.   Her Intensive Beauty of Smooth Dark Shining Complex. No matter who you are, Dr. Caroline Hoth is “Turn Head” to admire with her Lovely Soft Natural Beauty. Dr. Caroline Hoth is also meticulously fashionable, fiercely intelligent, magnetically expressive, disarmingly articulate, enormously resourceful, passionately creative, incredibly generous, engagingly wise, and above all that, Caroline is relentlessly spiritual. Dr. Hoth remains a Real Mystery of Love, Greatest Capacity, Density of Contentment   doubled with Success Stories at all levels no matter the circumstances;  Dr. Caroline Hoth always prevails…

Dr. Caroline Hoth carries herself with a very eloquent manner.  Dr. Hoth  is indeed one of the Kind Most impressive Human being READY to take defense for ALL Living Humans, Nature on Climate Change, Living things, and Environmental Protection for a Better World and Humanity.  She promotes and support Education, Healthcare, Literacy Drive, Agriculture through AGOA that she helped Hon. President Clinton & Administration to pass for African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA).. Today, Dr. Hoth is applying   same for Brexit Agriculture to save Farmers and Hungry Children with the support From Hon. British Prime Minister Theresa May(Check them @ www.rememberafrica.us).

Dr. Caroline Hoth is considered as a “SAVIOR” in many Nations today in East Europe, Africa and India/Asia. They blessed her everywhere she puts  her feet.  Many even compare   her to another “Mandela, or Dr. King, and even Abraham Lincoln ”   ready to” sacrifices and to die” for the sake of others.  Always READY to abandon even her own Family to go for the sake of those she believes might be in need of help.

HUMANITARIAN, NATURALLY BORN… As a Little Girl, Caroline used to fight with her own parents to take food out of home and clothes to go and distribute. Until she did it, then she feels good. Dr. Caroline Hoth is a Good Mother, Wife, very Sweet with all, but yet, with Authority and Pragmatism she will not hesitate to moralize, advise you and iron all wrinkle dresses of her employees/ students/ children until they all look really  Good and  Correct in our manners. These analytic qualities are the emanation of Dr. Caroline Hoth’s demanding resilient results to herself and to others with “boldness” and strong powerful personality

Dr. Hoth’ s Loyal, Faithful, Trustworthy and Reliable Leader of  our time. Dr. Hoth’s someone that every human being would love to have especially in trouble waters’ time. Dr. Hoth will always be there for you. Dr. Hoth has no bitterness to share…  She gives and gives with no restriction, with no fear, with no expectation of any compensation from the beneficiaries. That’s the main reason she embraced the Humanitarian Work around the World and especially in America (USA + Canada) poor quarters of Harlem, Bronx, Brooklyn, Florida, Dallas, Queens, Los Angeles, Lower NYC’s communities, Africa, Latin America, East Europe (Kosovo’s War Ethiopia & Eritrea War- The Congo’s’ Wars,, etc all this made Dr. Hoth,  World’ Citizen  ), The Caribbean’s, instead of continuing to work in New York most sophisticated Wall Street Business Banking-Hi-Technology – Telecoms Institutions & UN where she started her brilliant career after finishing her studies back in early 1990.  Dr. Hoth went back to Cure & Healing Medicine & Hi-Technology – Telecoms Researches & Humanitarian Works that she enjoys so much…Her team and she have been focusing in Cancer, AIDS, Diabetes, Kidney, Liver, Heart, Gastric Diseases, Hypotension, Malaria, and other Treatment through  Scientific Herbal Naturopathy. And guess what, Millions of lives are being saved through this hard work and smart research Team (check some descriptions and pictures online).  Caroline is afraid of nothing…. For more information, pictures and hard work of Dr. Caroline Hoth, Please feel free to visit our different websites as listed above to mostly understand The BORDERLESS LADY with No Discrimination, No Favoritism Philosophy.

Thank you for visiting Dr. Caroline Hoth’s page, One of The Best Personalities and Unselfish Humanitarian of our Time in this World.  

Dr. Caroline Hoth, Our 2017 Marquis “WHO’S WHO” IN AMERICA & IN THE WORLD’ AWARD WINNER.  

Dr. Hoth, the First to introduce to most parts of the world the new Hi-Tech Innovation  5G Sat Cloud Superhighway awaiting Official Launching around the World from February 21st, 2018 to march 2nd, 2018.

Submitted By John Emmanuel E. & the US R. A. Team

New York, New York, Jan. , 2018

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